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Testie Score

Post by Luciellia on Thu Oct 29, 2015 12:14 am

Please Place all Results in a NEW post.

How is One Placed in our Academy?

How Can one get another test? If your already in the Academy You will need A Certain Amount of DP to Take Another Test. No Worry its not a lot of points. 400 Sounds Fair? DP can be Earn in Many Ways. Dueling Another Academy Member, Posting, OR All IN! There Will be A Section For you to post in for Who you Dueled and Who Won. BE HONEST!

Testie: Must use a Deck He/She built. No Burns, No Exodia, No Gods.
You Will be Tested by one of your StarKnights Or My Self. We will do a Match 2/3 Duels.

Testers: You Will Score them off this Sheet. (I Do Take Better Scoring Ideas)

No Mistakes = 5-10 Points
Did Not Question Many Times About An Effect: 5-10 Points
Attitude = 5-10 Points
Well Built Deck = 5-10 Points
Side Deck = 5-10 Points
Losses 0/3 Duels = 0 Points
Wins 1/3 Duels = 5 Points
Wins 2/3 Duels = 10 Points
Wins 3/3 Duels = 15 Points

A Chance For 80 Points!

0-14 = No Dorm/No Account
15-34 = StarDust
35-44 = RedStar
45-54 = IceStar
55-64 = WhiteStar
65-80 = StarKnight

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